Machiko Yasuda, 17, Palos Verdes Peninsula HS

About Islam: A peaceful faith
As one of the few Muslims at school, Beeta, 17, has struggled to help others understand Islam in the wake of terrorist attacks.

... I am an Iranian-American, the first American-born citizen in my family. As part of a minority group, I've felt like a second-class citizen at times, but my faith has always been a source of strength for me. ...
No meat for me
Vegetarianism is just one of the ways 18-year-old Connie expresses her respect for animals.
Beach cleanup crew
Selina, 16, enjoyed doing her part to pick up trash off the coast.
‘I can do anything’
Nineteen-year-old Sara's disability taught her to be strong
A new coach, a new era
With the football team’s great reputation, Loyola High School’s new coach has some big shoes to fill.
Teens raised thousands of dollars for Hurricane Katrina survivors
Students throughout L.A. County have raised thousands of dollars for the hurricane’s victims.
Wait–an SMC class in South America?
Jenn, 19, dreaded attending a community college, but then she found out about all the amazing classes and travel opportunities.