Connie Chung, 17, Gabrielino HS

Election 2004: The Candidates and the Issues
A comparison of where Republican George W. Bush and Democrat John Kerry stand on issues such as education, national security, the environment, immigration and abortion.
Gay and so alone
Marvin, 17, was harassed at school because he's gay.
Stop and think
Connie, 17, says phrases like "that's so gay" are offensive.
Resources for LGBTQ teens
A list of helplines and resources as well as organizations that provide support to LGBTQ teens at school, with family members, for college, in court and also at church.
Sweet treats: Snickerdoodles
L.A. Youth staff members cooked up their favorite desserts to show that baking isn’t that hard. Some of these recipes might make cheap and tasty gifts for the holidays.
Tagging was my escape from problems at home
Our writer tagged to escape problems at home, until she got locked up.
I gave my room a ‘quake-over’
Katherine, 15, gave her room a 'quake-over' to make it safer.
Planning for quakes: you’ll be glad you took the time
Ashley, 16, says it was simple to have an earthquake planning meeting with her family.
Wish I were there
Danna, 17, thinks that next to the glamour of Hollywood, high school parties seem sooo lame.