Photos by Cassandra Ellis, 17, Wilshire Academy

Pop star dreams
Sixteen-year-old Susie’s audition to become a Korean pop star was a disaster.

When we got there I saw at least 50 people already in line in the parking lot and felt my confidence dropping. They were all practicing. The singers filled the air with the sweetest voices I had ever heard. In the waiting room B-boys and B-girls were spinning and break-dancing so wildly that I wondered how a human could move that way.
Gun violence has to stop
The shooting in Connecticut made Susie realize that the United States needs to change its gun laws.
Painfully shy
Jaanvi, 15, is so afraid of what people will think of her that it's been hard for her to make friends.
Nature close to home
Camille, 16, loves hiking Runyon Canyon because it’s good exercise with a great view.
I’m here to listen
It's been rewarding for Eric to work at an online forum where teens get help with their problems.
Holiday treats!
Here are some easy desserts you can make.
Struggling with OCD
A boy saw germs everywhere so he couldn’t stop washing his hands.
My future’s on hold
Destiny, 19, can't get the community college classes she needs to transfer.
Should have known better
We asked our teen writers what they learned from times they weren't prepared.
Moving to the Latin beat
It was hard to learn, but now salsa dancing is 17-year-old Tyler’s passion.
Teens react to Barack Obama’s re-election
These Los Angeles teens were thrilled when Barack Obama won re-election against Republican Mitt Romney and they share their hopes for his second term.