Photo by Jasper Nahid, 15, New Roads School (Santa Monica)

My American dream
As an undocumented immigrant, I thought college was out of reach—but I found a way.

I thought that it would be awesome to make my parents proud and have them be able to tell their friends that their daughter is attending UCLA (the only school they’d heard of). But I tried not to get too attached, because it was hard to get in and I didn’t know how I would pay for it.
My mom is all I need
Even though her dad is not around, Jessica, 17, believes in herself because of her mom’s love and support.
Jeans are always in style
Jasper, 15, really likes jeans because they’re perfect for any occasion. WITH JEANS PHOTO GALLERY.
Hit with the real cost of college
Amanda, 18, wanted to go out of state but when she couldn’t get the loans she needed, she ended up at a community college.
Is the curfew fair?
We asked our teen staff if they agreed with laws that require teens to be off the streets by a certain time.
Creative gifts
With the holidays coming up, we asked our teen staff for their ideas of things you can make on a budget that show you care.
Christmas tamales
The tradition of helping her grandma prepare tamales for Christmas dinner is something Breanna, 17, appreciates every year.
My family can’t afford to get sick
Serli, 16, worries because her family doesn’t have health insurance.
Blinded by stereotypes
Charlene, 16, says that when we make assumptions about people, we don’t see who they really are.
I swear not to swear
Hannah, 16, has realized that cussing makes her look bad, so she's trying to stop. WITH interviews with teens asking what they think about cussing.
A family away from home
The girls in 16-year-old Sally's group home have been there for her like sisters.
Thinking about race
Our staff writers say a museum exhibit got them thinking about why we make judgments and stereotypes based on race.
Learning to live with ADHD
Once Elis, 17, was diagnosed, she got help that made it easier to focus in school.