Photo by Charlotte Toumanoff, 15, Marshall HS

How I chose the right college
Jennifer, 18, had her mind set on the East Coast until she realized she could get a great education and be happy close to home.

Pictured: Jennifer moves into her dorm at UCLA with the help of her boyfriend Will and her aunt Elvia.

Also, interviews with teens who share what they're looking for in a college.
Teens react to Barack Obama’s victory
L.A. Youth writers express pride, hope and some uncertainty about the future now that Democrat Barack Obama has been elected the 44th President of the United States.
What was I thinking?
Hormones were to blame for 16-year-old Lia's crush on a jerk.
As good as new
From designer jeans to funky shoes, Jasper, 14, says you can find cool clothes at a good price at thrift stores. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
Q & A: Getting ready for college
A counselor answers questions on how to prepare for the application process.
My friend is a mom
While others judged her classmate when she got pregnant, Solange, 17, knew that Michelle needed her support. WITH INTERVIEW.
Leaving my anger behind
My behavior was out of control until an intense therapeutic center helped me become someone I like.
Stuck between two worlds
After years of trying to pick one, Elliot, 16, has learned to embrace both his Korean and American sides.
Making a difference close to home
Melissa, 17, realized she didn’t need to go to Africa to fight poverty.
Applying for financial aid
Starting early made it easier for Sasha, 19, and her parents.