Illustration by Sarah Evans, 17, Temple City HS

Listen up about HIV and AIDS
As an AIDS educator Sasha, 18, wants teens to know they could be at risk and how to protect themselves.

I’ve found that the most effective method of spreading knowledge about HIV/AIDS is through teenage interaction because kids are more likely to listen to each other than to an adult. While we all may come from different backgrounds, we have our generation in common. As AIDS ambassadors, our goal is to spread information about how to protect oneself from this devastating virus, beginning with our own age group.
AIDS in Africa
After helping people in countries ravaged by AIDS, Olivia, 18, wants to dedicate her life to stopping the disease. WITH Photo gallery of Olivia's trip to Africa.
I couldn’t take it anymore
After more than a year of being harassed because he is gay, Trayvione, 18, found a way to make it stop.
My mom rules at home and school
Although she's strict, Samantha, 15, says it’s not so bad having her mom work at her school.
Images of My Los Angeles
Artists share their views of the city.
Embracing diversity
Victoria, 17, says the friends she’s made at her small, integrated magnet have helped her overcome prejudices.
Driving on sunshine
Chris, 17, says that it was exciting and challenging to build a solar-powered car that doesn’t pollute.
Simple gifts you can make
Noelle, 17, shows how to make three homemade gifts that don’t cost a lot.
I love to watch wrestling
The outrageous characters and storylines provide Nidia with the perfect escape from the stress of school. Also, an interview with pro wrestler Bobby Lashley.