Photo by Victoria Imtanes, 16, Fairfax HS

A day in court
After spending a day observing cases in a juvenile courtroom, Selina, 17, felt the court offers willing teens a second chance.

As I walked down the noisy hall of Eastlake Juvenile Court, I knew immediately that the court wouldn’t be what I expected. Instead of the wooden benches and echoing gavels I’d imagined, the courtroom was like a busy office.
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My mom is amazing
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Is Harvard right for me?
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What’s for dinner?
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A cool medical job
As a 23-year-old junior pathologist’s assistant, Jerry’s work is critical in helping doctors make the right diagnosis.
Scary and confusing
Teens who’ve been there tell what juvenile court is really like.
Am I ready to be on my own?
Six teens share their fears and hopes for when they leave the foster care system. They also say that the system should better prepare them to be on their own.
Images of Immigration
Artists depict views of the immigrant experience.
CD Reviews
Our teen reviewers rave about the Chili Peppers, remind us to remember old school No Doubt and tout new band Silversun Pickups.