Illustration by Ben Sanders, 15, Temple City HS

The voices no one else can hear
Getting support and taking medication are helping silence the shouting in my head.

People with mental illness don't always live on the streets or end up in a psych ward. They can have normal lives. I have struggled with hearing voices, but I'm getting myself through it. ...
Being Japanese is pretty cool after all
My heritage and my parents' accents used to embarrass me, but now I have fun sharing my culture.
Why do sheriffs treat us like that?
Teens tell deputies they feel that they have been treated with disrespect and deputies respond.
Where the rhymes get real
Life, love, race, religion—you’ll hear it all at Da’ Poetry Lounge.
‘Kind of a blessing’
New Orleans students find a new life in L.A.
(Almost) fast and furious
I love my first car, except for the errands, giving rides and accidents part
College while I’m still in high school
I wasn’t sure I could handle college classes but they were easier than I thought.
Sumo wrestling
Jana, 15, loves the intensity of this ancient Japanese sport.