Illustration by Jing Jin, 18, University HS

Cutting away the pain
Karina, 16, describes why she used to cut and how she decided to stop cutting.

... Cutting quickly became addicting. It felt like the only way to get help with my problems, not from other people but from myself. ...
Dad, are you OK?
When 16-year-old Quingan's dad was in the hospital, she had to face some scary realities.
Seriously funny
Eamon, 17, discovers he's actually kind of good at stand-up comedy.
Living history
Los Angeles resident Ludmila Page and other Jews survived the Holocaust thanks to Oskar Schindler, who inspired the film Schindler’s List. She tells some of her story to Sara, 18.
My first (and hopefully only) car accident
Jennifer, 18, was OK but shaken up after somebody hit her car.
I’m with the band
Jessica, 15, says the thrill of marching band competition at Granada Hills High is unmatched. w/ photo gallery.
Real college essays
Are you wondering what colleges are looking for in a good essay? Here are some examples.
Not Asian Enough?
Beini, 16, has her own definition of what it means to be Asian.