Photo by Monica Lizardo, 17, Morningside HS

True Love? — Love and kisses at Morningside High
Couples at Morningside High are captured in a special photo essay.
The mom and dad I never had
How could they leave me in El Salvador?
Downloading is stealing
Taking songs for free is a crime and it's wrong, says Karen, 16.
Health food—eww!
Quing, 15, wants to know how students are supposed to survive without junk food?
A sea of students
Many L.A. Youth staff are fed up with crowded hallways, full classes and scheduling problems.
True Love? — Alone again
After he got dumped, all Daniel, 18, wanted was a girlfriend.
Now we’re cookin’
L.A. Youth staff writers prepared their favorite recipes for the staff. Delicious! If they can do it, you can, too.
My soccer family
Our love for the Argentinian team Boca unites Leo, 16, and other Boca fans.
True Love? — I fell for Mr. Wrong
My boyfriend turned out to be jealous and controlling.
True Love? — I think I love you—now let’s make it work
Jenn and Sean's love has stood the test of time.