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My senior year meltdown
Bianca's senior year at Marshall HS went terribly, terribly wrong as she tried to balance AP classes, activities and applying to college.
Sex, Sexy, Sexist?
Brynn, 17, explores what feminism means to her. w/ an analysis of several sexist magazine ads
A second chance
When Francisco spent a year in Central Juvenile Hall awaiting trial, he stayed positive, joining a theater group, getting his GED and keeping his hopes for the future.
You’ll never guess what I did last summer
Jaime, 16, loved learning about filmmaking in a special summer program.
Readers’ letters: ‘My dad hit my mom’
When L.A. Youth published essays about students who had suffered through domestic violence, many readers wrote in about their own experiences.
Homemade gifts from the heart: A jeans purse
Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for a kickin' gift, by Andrea, 14.
Homemade gifts from the heart
A flower, a photo album, a mix CD—sometimes it’s the homemade gift that means the most. Relatively easy-to-do, inexpensive gifts you can make for your friends and family.
College essays that worked
Nicole, 17, says some students feel like they have to write a sob story for their college essays, but Alexandra and Richard found a different way to tell something about themselves.
Safe haven for unwanted babies
Parents should know about a law that states they can leave a newborn baby at the hospital without facing criminal charges.
Teen views on Iraq are mixed
Elina interviewed 50 teens and found that while some teens don't care, others have strong feelings about U.S. military intervention in the Middle Eastern country.