Illustration by Hassan Nicholas, Hamilton HS (Los Angeles)

I’m American, I guess—or am I Chinese?
When he moved here from Taiwan as a kid, Vincent, 18, knew exactly who he was. But now after years of trying to become as American as apple pie, he is torn between two identities.

"Always remember," my mother said in Mandarin, "that you are a Chinese person. Never forget where you came from."
Brian and the brain
Nobody liked "geeky" Berley Kerr, 16, so he thought he'd try being someone else.
Beautiful Butts
Girls and guys have got their eyes on each others' derrieres.
Gays aren’t fully accepted
Maybe there's no gay-bashing, but many students and teachers agree there is intolerance toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth at L.A. High, say Julissa and Christy.
Football players aren’t dumb
Daniel, 16, presents evidence that football players aren't always as dumb as people think.
Me—a choreographer?
Shengul, 16, used to think dance was weird but now she thrives on it, and yearns to become a choreographer.
Aerosol Art
When graffiti artists made some legal paintings in a Highland Park parking lot, the results were amazing, says Shengul, 16. w/ photo gallery.
An incredible mom
Raised by an abusive family, pregnant with twins at 13, her life seemed like a disaster. But this courageous teen has managed to graduate from high school and get on with her life.
A summer of signing
When 17-year-old Kunal taught the deaf, he was the one who learned the most.
Talk about pressure to succeed!
Howard has the A+, Korean school, cello-playing, why-can't-you-be-more- like-your-sister blues.
The good side of violent video games
While all the politicians complain that video games are making kids violent, Harry, 14, says that a violent game has improved his grades and changed his life.