Photo Illustration by Brian Miller, 17, Oakwood School

Thinking about Sex
Teens give their thoughts on sex, relationships and communication.

One girl hasn't even heard the word "sex" in her house, some say that religion plays a role in deciding when it's right and they offer their thoughts on the relationship between dating and sex.
A former addict’s balancing act
He walked away from drugs, but staying clean is a struggle.
Break Dancing
If you want to find the original flavor of hip hop, get into break dancing with our easy how to guide.
But names will never hurt me
When other kids insulted and taunted me because I'm Asian, I looked inward for the answers
It’s time for Pokémon
It's not just for kids—teens are flipping over these cute little monsters
Outstanding Youth Volunteer
Description of outstanding youth volunteer.
Play the College Financial Aid Game
Loans, grants, scholarships--it's a whole new vocabulary, but you can master it with the help of this article, glossary of terms, and yes, a board game that teaches you about collge financial aid.
Raising a child is tough
Blanca loves her baby, Kaylen, but it's tough being a teen mom.
Sex education doesn’t have to be embarrassing
Why teens need to know about safer sex.
Take our political poll
We want to know about your political views.
The Hardest Decision
Though I was pro-life, I felt I had no choice but to have an abortion.
CD reviews
From Madonna to the Beastie Boys to Smashing Pumpkins to Lauryn Hill, teens recommend their favorite CDs.
What would you do? Your pregnancy test is positive. What choice is right for you?
If you were dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, what choice would you make?
You can’t lose with the latest
Review of the new Rage Against the Machine CD.
You should pass on Bringing Out the Dead
Review of "Bringing Out the Dead."