Illustration by Shirley Loi, 17, Sierra Vista HS (Baldwin Park)

The achievement gap: Will my best be good enough?
Realizing that other students have more advantages makes Andrea, 17, worried about getting into college.

Behind me sat two white girls, and going further back I noticed African-Americans, Latinos and Asians. Where I live in Sylmar the population is mostly Latino. Since I was the only one who didn’t seem to get what the teacher was saying, I felt like I was fulfilling the stereotype that Mexicans can’t do well in school.
How colleges pick who gets in
A UCLA admissions officer says schools want to see that you’ve challenged yourself.
Art Contest: Injustice
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our annual art contest, which asked teens to create a piece of art about an injustice.
A website about college freaked me out
Stephany, 18, got so caught up in the college admissions game that she forgot what was important to her.
Ultimate yo-yoer
Alex, 14, loves creating new tricks and competing professionally.
Better than I expected
After years at Catholic school, Seth, 13, thought he wouldn't survive the switch to public school.
Think before you speak
Julia, 17, says using phrases like "stop acting bipolar" and "you're so OCD" is insensitive.
Thank you for helping keep L.A. Youth open
Thanks to our wonderful and generous supporters we've raised more than $200,000 and we're staying open!!
Racial profiling
Following the killings of unarmed black teenagers Trayvon Martin and Kendrec McDade, L.A. Youth students shared their feelings about people making judgments based on race.
Redefining art
Emily, 15, wonders if what she sees on the streets a legitimate form of art. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
Opening my mind
Melissa, 16, learned not to judge people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness.
Racial profiling: We’re used to being treated suspiciously
These students from South L.A. say people often assume they’re doing something wrong based on their race
Budget cuts: Our school got rid of the buses
It was harder for Cynthia, 18, to get to school after her charter school cut buses to save money.
Global warming: Doing my part to help the Earth
Kimberly, 16, learned that even her small steps could fight global warming.
Electrifying the future
As electric cars become more popular, they’ll help clean the air.
Mental health Q&A
Jessica, 18, interviewed an expert to learn about mental illness.