Making the most of community college
Devin was disappointed to be going to SMC, but getting involved has shown her it has a lot to offer.

One of the best things about attending a community college has been the opportunity to take classes that sound interesting. My friends who attend Cal States or UCs restrict themselves to classes they’re required to take to graduate or for their majors.
I don’t feel ready
Ernesto, 19 worries he won’t succeed at college, but wonders if he can support himself without a degree.
Addicted to Facebook
Yejean, 17, couldn’t stop going on, even though it made her feel left out.
They’re all I have
Foster care split up me and my siblings, but now I’m so happy that we’re together again.
The military is my path to nursing
The Army Reserve is going to pay for school so Caitlin, 18, can become a nurse.
I’m not down with downloading music
Christian, 17, stopped stealing music when he realized it hurts the artists he loves.
I wish I were thinner
Trying to lose weight the unhealthy way didn’t work for 16-year-old Merryck.
Dear Metro: I’ve got a new ride
Now that Claire, 16, has her license, she no longer needs the bus.
Art on every corner
At Art Walk, Victor, 17, got to explore downtown and cool galleries.
Have you gotten your shot yet?
You can’t start school this fall until you get the vaccine for whooping cough, Ha Young learned in an interview.
Getting rid of teachers isn’t the answer
There has to be a better way for schools to save money, says Alma, 17.
We deserve better schools
Bernardo, 17, wants his school to have newer computers and books.
Art contest: A new state flag
We asked teens to create their own state flag to show what California means to them, since there are so many things that make the state unique and everyone has different things they love about it.