Photo by Jean Park, 17, Harvard-Westlake School (North Hollywood)

Diversity is more than race
Going to a school where everyone seems similar taught Casey, 18, that it’s also about people with different experiences.

People think race is what makes people different from each other, but I have learned that it’s not race. It’s their experiences that make them different. At an expensive private school it is understandable that most people will come from wealthier families, but I wish more could be done to create a student body with families of different income levels, who live in different parts of the city.
Desperate to get out
A girl's family wanted to leave their violent neighborhood.
My turn on the mic
As a suburban Korean kid, 15-year-old Kevin never thought he'd have anything to rap about.
Art contest: The real me
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our annual art contest which asked teens to show us how they see themselves. The L.A. Youth teen staff chose these images as the winners.
Catching on to soccer
Watching the World Cup is more fun than Sam, 16, thought it would be.
Mom, I’m praying for you
Ben, 17, had just gotten close to his mom and then he worried he was going to lose her to cancer.
You call that dancing?
Jacky, 17, says that you don't have to bump and grind to have fun on the dance floor.
Unexpected pets
Seventeen-year-old Leslie's family bought their chickens for the eggs, but they became part of her family.
Now serving vegetarians
There wasn’t much for Ashley, 17, to eat at lunch until the cafeteria changed.
Budget cuts are hurting our future
Adrian's school can no longer afford to give him and his classmates extra career and college guidance.
Turn it off
Ivan, 15, says that when we use technology too much we forget how to interact with others.
You can lean on me
I wasn’t sure how to help my friend after she was sexually molested.