Illustration by Brian Lopez-Santos, 18, Marshall HS and Wayne M. DeSelle

Could we lose our home?
A girl and her family moved out of their cramped apartment, but now her family can barely afford the house they’d always wanted.

My parents always dreamed of owning a home. And I wanted us to have a house too, so I could have my own room. But now that we have our home it hasn’t been the dream we had imagined.
Left in the wrong hands
After years of being abused by the woman who raised her, a girl finally got away.
Music to soothe my soul
Because it’s full of emotion, Ernesto, 17, prefers classical music over everything else.
Summer fun for under $10
What do the beach, the Museum of Jurassic Technology, window shopping and a bus pass have in common? They're cheap ways to spend your summer, which is especially important during a recession.
Teens remember Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson died on June 25. He was 50 years old. His career spans decades and he influenced generations. L.A. Youth teen writers remember his music and his troubled public persona.
Tackling a new sport
Basketball and soccer weren’t her thing, but rugby is a sport Anisa, 17, is finally good at.
Students are hurt by budget cuts
L.A. Youth writers share how the state budget deficit affects their summer school and college plans.
Teens react to the ban on gay marriage being upheld
Seven months after voters passed Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California, the state supreme court ruled on May 26 that the ban is legal. L.A. Youth writers share their views on the decision.
Applying to college without stressing out
Brandie, 18, knew that no matter where she got in, she’d get a good education.
Playlist blog
L.A. Youth staff writers create playlists to practice for their future careers as DJs. Janie, 16, starts us off with songs to listen to when you can't fall asleep.
Not so fast
Driving on scary hills and busy streets put a brake on 17-year-old Lia's plan to get a license.
Art contest: My Los Angeles
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our annual art contest which asked teens to show us what Los Angeles means to them. The L.A. Youth teen staff chose these images as the winners.
Building my dream team
Se, 18, likes to play in fantasy leagues because he can prove how much he knows about sports.
Getting ready for earthquakes
Last summer’s earthquake made 15-year-old Stephany's family realize that they need to be prepared.