Graffiti is my future
An East L.A. art program takes graffiti from the streets to the classroom.

Before coming here I didn’t even think about going to college. I saw myself in the future having a lousy job that I would hate. But the Skillz ‘N Action program has helped me tremendously by showing me that I can use graffiti and other types of art in a career. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
Sam’s Summer Travel Blog
School is out and Sam, 14, goes on a road trip through California and Portland.
Music blog: Playlists of summer
L.A. Youth staff writers create playlists to help us enjoy the the summer.
The hunt for shaved ice
To survive the recent heat wave Lia, 16, went on the hunt for the best shaved ice in Southern California.
A different view of Mexico
Helping poor people in Mexico gave Justin, 15, a new understanding of how difficult life is there.
Spicing up lunch
A weekly potluck with Alana, 17, and her friends turned lunch at school into a food adventure.
All-access pass
Interviewing celebrities who came to 13-year-old Brandon's Boys & Girls Club helped him become more confident.
Art contest: My culture
The L.A. Youth teen staff chose these images as the winners of our annual art contest. The theme “My culture” could express the artist’s ethnicity or race. But it could also express who they are and how they identify themselves in other ways, such as their hobbies, interests or what they’re passionate about.
Don’t cut our education
L.A. Youth writers say the state budget problems could mean larger classes and less money for programs at their schools.
My twin is my best friend
Although sometimes it’s hard being my own person, I love sharing my life with my sister
Why didn’t the floods in the Midwest get more news coverage?
The floods in the Midwest caused millions of dollars in damage and killed 24 people, so why wasn't there more news coverage, Jessica, 17, wonders.
He doesn’t scare me anymore
Years after my uncle raped me, I found the strength to tell.
‘Just Friends’ Forever
Michelle, 16, dreamed of them together, but the guy she had a crush on only saw her as a friend.
More than a paycheck
Having a job since she was 13 has taught Christina to work hard and not give up, which will help her in her future.
Teachers protest budget cuts
Dozens of sign-carrying teachers, parents and students walked out of schools for an hour this week to show the governor what it would be like if schools don't get enough funding.
Saving is priceless
GameCube: $200
Soccer ball and jerseys: $120
Learning how to save money: much more rewarding
Art exhibit promotes unity between blacks and Latinos
At the Colors for Unity art exhibition, teen artists found different ways to interpret the theme "no color lines."
From Bach to rock
A cool music class has given 14-year-old Sam the freedom to play U2, Coldplay and Jay-Z on his cello.
Just One More Game
Cameron, 13, couldn’t stop playing video games, even though he was almost failing school.
What teens think about same sex couples being allowed to marry
L.A. Youth writers react to the court's decision that allows same-sex couples to get married in California.