Illustration by Rachel Chung, 17, University HS

An honest grade
Cheating is tempting when you see everyone else doing it, but Fred, 17, has chosen not to.

"The day before our art history final, the teacher gave us the class period to study. As we studied a million and one flashcards, my classmates and I felt the weight of the test approaching. Then one of my classmates said he hoped that the student who sat next to him would come the next day. 'I need to cheat off of them,' he said."

With interviews with a college admissions counselor and high school teacher about cheating.
I got caught
Feeling unprepared for a quiz, Christina, 17, peeked at her neighbor's paper.
An unexpected friendship
Brandy, 16, has so much fun hanging out with her mentor, and she helps her with her problems, too.
Growing pains
After years of wishing she were taller, Samantha, 17, now embraces being only 4 feet 9.
Surviving senioritis
After years of sacrificing her social life for studying, Mar, 18, slacked off (a little).
Free speech FILM CONTEST
You could win $1,000 and a free trip to New York City by creating a short film showing people how censorship has affected you. The National Coalition Against Censorship wants to hear your story.
Art contest: Light of my life
The L.A. Youth teen staff chose these images from more than 200 entries as the winners of our annual art contest. The theme “Light of my life” was inspired by light—daylight, nightlight, lamplight or any light. It could express the sunshine of their life, what they love about a beautiful day or what lights up their life.
Making a difference
Hands-on work and helping others makes an orthotist’s job creating supportive braces rewarding.
Keep religion and government separated
Despite her religious beliefs, Hae Jin, 17, thinks abortion and gay marriage should be legal.
The X-Men saved me
Graphic novels are interesting stories that helped Lily, 17, escape problems at school. With a list of Lily's Top 5 graphic novels.
New L.A. Youth video
Check out a video about L.A. Youth on YouTube.
Big Burger
With summer job hunting just around the corner, Francisco, 15, created this comic strip about working in a fast-food restaurant.
All decked out!
Skaters showed off their artistic sides by painting their own skateboard decks as part of a special art class sponsored by the city's Department of Cultural Affairs.
Do colleges know if you’ve cheated?
In an interview, an admissions counselor from Yale University explains how cheating affects the admissions process.
Interview with a high school teacher about cheating
A teacher's pespective on cheating.
CD Reviews
Beyoncé, Belanova and Lloyd get thumbs up from our teen reviewers. With a new review of Peter, Bjorn and John's Writer's Block.