Photo by Melissa Gonzalez, 17, Roosevelt HS

Immigrant dreams
After learning how her dad struggled to come to America, Ana, 15, respects him even more.

... I always knew my parents had come here from Mexico illegally but I didn't know any of the details. I never gave my parents' stories much thought until the recent immigration debate. ...
Art contest: My view
The L.A. Youth teen staff chose these images as the winners of our annual art contest. These images express the artists' real or imagined views from a room, car or viewpoints on important issues.
Tragedy strikes the Korean community
Recent murder-suicides have shocked and saddened me and many in the Korean community.
A different kind of school
Even though 16-year-old Genesis's school doesn't have regular classes, books or finals, she feels like she's getting a good education.
Were the walkouts effective?
Mar, 17, felt that student walkouts made a powerful statement.
Immigrants are treated as second class
Students from Amelia Earhart HS in the Valley offer their opinions on immigration and how immigrants are treated and Franklin HS students discuss the walkouts on March 27.
World Cup fever
Victorino, 17, cannot wait for the world's biggest soccer tournament to start!
My Japanese adventure
Billy, 18, liked seeing ninjas, meeting students and being on his own as an exchange student.
It’s a HEAT WAVE!!!
NEW SURVEY: L.A. Youth staff writers give their ideas on how they stay frosty when it's anything but outside.
Something’s always missing
Brandy fought with her mom so much that they needed to be apart, but now that she's in foster care, Brandy wishes she could see her more often.
Finding my voice: I’m a pretty good singer (for a soccer player)
Michael, 16, has been nervous to show off his singing talents in front of his soccer teammates.
Is the exit exam fair?
NEW STORY: Some students say the test is an unfair measure of what they've learned while others say it's so easy that it's a waste of time.
Flying through the air
NEW STORY: Selina, 16, reviews Tatsu, the newest roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
An amazing World Cup
NEW STORY: Victor, 17, says that this was one of the best World Cup's ever.
Downloading dilemma
Chris, 16, thinks record companies can make money and give teens free music. WITH INTERVIEWS.
The forgotten genocide
As an Armenian, it makes Marcus, 16, sad that so few know his people were killed.
CD reviews
Our writers recommend Arcade Fire, Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé.