Illustration by Kyle Rothfeldt, 17, Van Nuys HS

My life on the streets
William, 18, lived on the streets for nearly two years. What he saw and experienced, no teenager should have to go through.

Maybe you have seen those smelly homeless guys asking for money. But did you ever stop to think that one of them might actually be a teenager? I spent a year and nine months on the streets. What I saw and experienced, no teenager should have to go through. ...
A censored school newspaper
I'm frustrated by censorship at my school newspaper.
L.A. Youth self-portrait art contest
L.A. Youth congratulates these young artists whose self-portraits were chosen by our teen staff from 275 entries as the winners of the annual L.A. Youth art contest.
Jefferson High students speak out: Why did the fights happen?
Jefferson students break down the reasons and discuss solutions.
Fighting for what?
A Jefferson student describes how he lost a friendship because of the racial tension and fights at his high school.
Life in The Boondocks
Amandala, 18, says this comic strip is sarcastic, funny and realistic about black culture.
Foot patrol: I just can’t stop thinking about toes
Sasha can't stop thinking about toes. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
Revenge of the sci-fi nerd
A running diary of what it was like to camp out (not overnight though) for Episode Three.
Path to a paycheck
With planning and hard work, Tahsin, 17, found a great job working with kids.
Meeting my comic book heroes
Larry, 18, is thrilled that he met comic book artists at the Wizard World convention.
Wizard World photo gallery
Scenes from a comic book convention