Valentina Cardenas, 17, Ramona Convent

Behind our music
After all their hard work, John, 18, says his band, Mata Moska, is going places.

So, there we were, a bunch of young musicians ready to rock the Roxy Theatre on Sunset Boulevard. I was warming up, playing some scales on my trumpet. I was pumped, baby, and ready to go!
Same-sex marriage: Right or wrong? — Christian perspectives
The full text from one of the discussions on same-sex marriage held at L.A. Youth.
Same-sex marriage: Right or wrong? — Has everyone forgotten God’s word?
Julie, 16, offers her views on why she thinks same-sex marriage is wrong.
The music challenge
Eight teens dared to listen to DIFFERENT music than they usually do—and survived.
Local Music, Loco Fun
Karina loves going to the Allen Theater, a club in South Gate.
What happens at a youth detention camp?
A teen describes what daily life is like at a youth prison day camp.
The price is not right
César, 17, wants to know why is it so costly to be a senior?
Breaking free from my past
This 18-year-old was an out-of-control kid until an intense facility changed her life.
What soul food means to me
A teen writes an essay about what soul food means to her.
Blood, sweat and tears (not really)
With her fear of needles, Stephanie, 17, never thought she would give blood.