Photo by Managing Editor Libby Hartigan

Positively proud of Fremont
Tired of seeing her inner-city high school get criticized, Jenny Morales, 16, shows the good side of the school in her photo essay. w/ photo gallery.
My struggle with depression
Joe, 18, became so depressed, he spent a few days in a psych ward to make sure he wouldn't hurt himself. Reprinted from 1997.
Affirmative action
Should colleges give preference to candidates based on race?
How to apply to high school without losing your mind
Andrea, 15, never thought it would be so hard to choose the right high school.
A calling: A high school student considers the priesthood
Jann Guerrero, 16, is considering becoming a priest.
In search of perfection
Confessions of a male model
How can I make peace with war?
Suzanne, 17, had to confront harsh realities when she talked to Israeli friends about war.
My screenwriting quest
Isaac, 16, yearns to get out of South Gate and be a screenwriter in Hollywood.
It’s art!
Teen artists step out; In the REACH LA art program, teens create their own unique expressions. w/ photo/art gallery.
am Radio: Band on the verge
The lead singer of am Radio gives his thoughts on fame, music and their upcoming album.
Turn It Down
Jennifer, 17, warns teens that they could hurt their hearing if they listen to music too loudly.