Illustration by Oscar Rodriguez, 17, Vista HS

All about jobs!
From walking dogs to baby-sitting and doing retail to professional modeling, seven teens give helpful hints on how they got their jobs.

Their tips include having a flexible schedule, dressing to impress, thinking about your future, doing stuff you're interested in, starting your own business and looking for opportunities right under your nose.
Teen murderers make headlines–and shape public opinion
Violence dominated the headlines on the front page of the Los Angeles Times in March.
Fighting my impulse to be a bully
Daniel, 17, was used to throwing his weight around, but he found out there's an easier way to deal with things.
REJECTED!!! I never thought I’d end up at community college
After all his hard work in high school, Vincent, 18, never thought he wouldn't get into a great four-year school.
Vintage fun!
Vintage clothes can brighten your day, says Tory, 16.

Vintage stores have always held a sort of magic for me. I walk in, assaulted by the smell of mothballs and old silk, a bit of dust, and maybe even the lingering scent of stale perfume.
Child farmworkers need more job protection
Sarah, 17, joined other students at Human Rights Watch to fight for a law called that would protect the safety and rights of children working on farms.
Dream job: Video game designer
When he was a Westchester High student, Eddie never dreamed he would one day be designing games for the PlayStation.
Crowding into a year-round schedule
Howard, 14, describes the crowds that the new year-round school system at Marshall High School causes.
Glued to the tube all night long
Francis, 15, describes his addiction to television.
Homicide hits near a computer game room
After two teens were shot near a computer game room, or PC room, parents are scared.
On April 20, 2001, strange things happened
L.A. Youth staff members describe pot-smoking, ditching and bomb threats at their schools on 4/20/2001.