Illustration by Phyllis Wang, 18, Pilgrim School

Art contest: New visions of the American flag
Whose broad stripes and bright stars? Our annual art contest winners express how they would redesign one the country's typically most-cherished symbols to better represent what America and being American means to them. w/ gallery of winners.
Pali Paper: Cruel or Cool?
An underground newspaper at Palisades High has resulted in 11 student suspensions and four students getting transfered.
Judge calls new juvenile justice law ridiculous
Judge James Warren criticized the new juvenile justice law because the focus is less on rehabilitation and more on punishment.
Too shy to say hi?
L.A. Youth staff members give the low-down on what guys and girls really want from a relationship
International tragedy of child soldiers must stop
When Sarah, 17, heard kids were forced to fight in wars, she had to take action.
The piercing truth
Why would someone put a hole in their tongue? Julissa, 18, finds out.
There ought to be a law!
Fed up with their crowded classrooms, a group of high school kids wrote a proposition limiting class size.
Learn real-life skills in the Girl Scouts
Join the Girl Scouts—you'll be doing a lot more than selling cookies, says Jenn, 13.
Rampart: A violation of trust
L.A.'s worst police scandal, in which officers physically abused and framed people, has undermined the justice system for all of us, says Jennifer, 16.
Surf’s up, Rabbi!
Surfer, rabbi, Spanish teacher, swim coach, author shares his wisdom.
How to survive senior year
Warittha, 17, offer their tips on how to get through the stress of finishing school and completing college applications.
Mas musica!
A guide to L.A.'s Spanish-language radio stations from Mariana, 15.
Underground Rap
Let Hassan, 16, introduce you to the dopest flows, most original style and deepest lyrics of hip hop.