Photo by Yesenia Reyes, 17, Animo Locke HS #1

We fought for fairness and won!
After Maceo, 17, got a ticket for being late to school, he helped change the law so students will be treated more fairly.

We knew we needed to prepare before we spoke before the council. If we only complained about the truancy tickets they’d probably think we wanted to get rid of the ticket policy just so we could be late. I wanted them to know how scared I felt when I got the ticket, how it made me feel like a juvenile delinquent, and how worried my mom and I were about getting a $250 fine.
The achievement gap: Will my best be good enough?
Realizing that other students have more advantages makes Andrea, 17, worried about getting into college.
Making their college dreams come true
Yesenia, 18, worked hard in school because her immigrant parents wanted her to have opportunities they never had.
Driving me crazy
Learning to drive wasn't easy for 16-year-old Andrew with his mom freaking out.
Dad, I miss you
After Alexia’s dad died unexpectedly, she wished she had spent more time with him.
The jobs of the future will be green jobs
With more than two dozen programs at Los Angeles-area community colleges, you can get training to make a living out of helping the environment.
Vote for me!
Avika, 16, hoped her hard work would be enough to get her elected class president.
Is your relationship unhealthy?
Jannvi, 14, interviewed an expert to learn about dating abuse and how teens can stay safe.
Do I belong here?
The discrimination Miguel, 18, has faced has made him wonder if he’s welcome in America.
Turning our lives around
These teens say the juvenile justice system helped them change.
Foster youth in California are no longer on our own at 18
A new law lets youth stay in foster care until age 20 so they’re less likely to become homeless.
Having a ball doing Bollywood dancing
Shivani, 16, loves connecting to her culture through Bollywood dancing.
Yours truly
Writing letters makes keeping in touch more meaningful for Kelly, 17.
Movie review: The Hunger Games
Silvia and Aaron say that if you're a fan of the book then go see The Hunger Games movie immediately.
Movie review: Bully
Julia and David say they were moved by this powerful documentary and think schools should do more.