Photo by Jasper Nahid, 17, Hamilton HS

Getting off the streets
Two teens tell us about being homeless and how they got help.

I thought it would be a chance to try to understand what it means to be homeless at my age. I thought that being a homeless teen meant that you were addicted to drugs, had abusive parents or were mentally ill. Even though some of those things were true for one of the teens I met, I was surprised to learn that their stories weren’t that simple.
Let’s cut down on air pollution
In this special package, funded by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, you can learn more about smog, and more importantly, some small steps you can take to help reduce pollution.
Alone at a new school
Making friends was hard for Sophie, 15, because she was shy.
Classical music never goes out of style
After learning to play the piano, Victor, 17, filled his iPod with Bach and Beethoven.
Surf’s up
It took months to learn, but now Tyler, 15, loves riding the waves.
Do you have spirit?
We asked our teen staff how they show their school pride.
My race doesn’t hold me back
Edgar, 17, no longer thinks that Latinos can't be as successful as others.
I love my clunker
Patricia's car has dents and breaks down, but it gets her where she wants to go.
Will drug searches help?
Jacky, 18, hopes police dogs keep weed out of her school.
Gasping for air
Sixteen-year-old Brian's asthma makes it hard to breathe on smoggy days.
Smog buster
An air quality specialist says working to clean up the air is rewarding.
Haiti still needs our help
Sixteen-year-old Chantelle's efforts to raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake caught the attention of rock star Tyson Ritter.