Photos by Jasper Nahid, 15, New Roads School (Santa Monica)

Healthy cooking on a budget
When we challenged our teen staff to make healthy dishes that don’t cost a lot, they tried meals their families have made and discovered that they could cook for themselves. And it tastes good too! We told them they couldn’t spend more than $7. We chose that amount because $7 is about how much a family on food stamps has to spend on a meal. We wanted to show that healthy cooking can be affordable.

Recipes include: quinoa salad, beef stew, kimchi and chicken stew, broccoli puree, vegetable fried rice and sesame chicken salad.
Why is eating healthy so hard?
Junk food is all around him, but 18-year-old Ernesto is trying to make better choices when he eats. ALSO: an interview with a teen expert who shares ways to eat healthier.
You can tell me
When my friend told me he was gay, I wanted to support him.
I can just be me
When Brett, 18, stopped being so into hardcore music, it was easier for him to make friends.
My boring town isn’t so bad
The protest over building a new stadium made 16-year-old Stephany appreciate where she lives.
Thinking about the consequences of sex
Her sister’s abortion made Gabrielle, 16, believe that if teens get pregnant they should have the baby.
Teaching myself to cook healthier
Eighteen-year-old Samantha's attempts to cook healthier meals met with mixed results.
We defy the stereotypes
Students at Locke High School #3 in Watts feel like people make assumptions about them because of where they live. But these teens want people to know they take their futures seriously.
I rescued my dog from a shelter
Stanton, 17, was shocked when he found out how many animals are killed because of overcrowding, but you can help by adopting a pet.
My place is in the crowd
Seeing her favorite bands at concerts rescues 15-year-old Chantelle from the suburbs.<
Mom, I missed you
Living in a group home helped Tanya,15, with her problems, but it was tough being away from her family.
Are we safe from mudslides?
Every time it rains, Elis, 18, worries that her family’s home will be damaged.
The census and race
Teens say labeling themselves by race doesn’t capture who they are.