Photo by Anisa Berry, 17, View Park Prep HS

Seeing the potential
Making a documentary about his South Central neighborhood helped Justin, 15, see that people can make it better.

People shouldn’t look at South Central as bad. There are people who live here who are trying to make things better. This community, which I’ve called home my whole life, just needs a chance.
The lessons of dragon boating
Jessica, 17, thought racing dragon-shaped boats would be a good way to get community service hours, but instead she learned a lot about teamwork and competition.
Is cheating OK?
Teens at L.A. Youth say cheating is common at their schools. When we talked about it at a staff meeting, students differed on whether cheating is right or wrong.
Giving back to the next generation
Sam, 16, interviews NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar about a new program to help young players raise money for their basketball teams and what's important about the game.
Hang up and drive
Although a law limits the use of cell phones, people are still talking and the roads aren’t any safer, says Joyce, 17.
Speaking up for gay marriage
Working on a gay-rights documentary helped Rene, 17, see the importance of this issue. Elliot, who disagrees with Rene, and Stephany, who shares Rene's opinion, offer their thoughts as well in separate opinion pieces.
We need more support
Foster youth say the system should do more to make sure they’re ready to be on their own.
Creative cash
Solange, 18, says that making and selling her own jewelry is a fun way to earn money. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
Finally proud to be Korean
After years of jokes, a holiday that celebrates strength showed Jean, 15, a positive side to her culture. WITH INTERVIEWS ABOUT WHAT MAKES TEENS PROUD OF THEIR CULTURES
I found great schools at the right price
As the youngest of three siblings, public colleges fit 17-year-old Aaron's family’s budget.
Race shouldn’t matter
It used to hurt when other black students teased Britawnya, 18, for “being white,” but she no longer cares about fitting in.
A chance to say goodbye
Justin, 16, says he’ll always remember the days he spent with his grandpa before he died.