Illustration by Brian Lopez-Santos, 16, Marshall HS

My first date
Stacey, 13, remembers her first date was more awkward than she imagined, but she still had fun.

We talked about things I would usually talk about with friends: the latest gossip at school, grades and siblings. I felt that since he wasn’t talking enough I should talk more, which I did. When I caught him staring at me like I was an idiot, I asked him, “Am I talking too much?” “Yes, but that’s OK,” he said. I had a feeling he was nervous too.
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You like them, now what?
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Check out these East Coast colleges
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School pride
Now that she's in a new school with new books, fewer fights and smaller classes, Jo'Visha, 14, is learning more.
Rockin’ at the Cobalt
Cool bands, a teen crowd and mosh pits—Stacey, 13, found all this for less than $10 at the Cobalt Cafe in the San Fernando Valley. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
Journalist in the making
A disorganized journalism class and being censored still taught Jennifer, 18, about being a reporter.
It was frightening when a student made an Internet threat against my school
A student was arrested after posting threats against other students on Wikipedia, reports Allison, 16.
What teens think about same sex couples being allowed to marry
L.A. Youth writers react to the court's decision that allows same-sex couples to get married in California.
Anywhere but home
After running away from home and getting locked up, this teen finally got the help she needed.
VJ for a day
It was a dream come true for Jennifer, 17, when she won a contest to go to New York and co-host the Latino version of TRL.
My brother in Iraq
It was scary for Brandy, 17, not knowing if her brother was OK while he was serving in the war.
Tuned out
Chelsea, 15, felt bad that she'd stopped paying attention to the Iraq war, but it had become too depressing and hard to relate to.
A cause close to my heart
After his best friend died of a rare form of cancer, Fred, 17, was inspired to fight the disease.
Alone again
After being dumped by his girlfriend, Daniel, 18, looks for comfort in U2, dance clubs and other girls. Reprinted from 1997.