Illustration by Brian Lopez-Santos, 15, Marshall HS

Prescription for depression
Susan, 15, says that when she was prescribed medication for depression it made her feel worse. When she was finally taken off of it her life seemed hopeful again.
Call to duty
In an interview, a young Marine explains his decision to enlist in a time of war.
Finding my place
Selecting the right college was difficult for Andrea, but she is thrilled with her choice.
Overcrowded schools stunned me
A visit to several overcrowded schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District showed Sally, 15, that conditions at public schools are far from ideal for students and teachers.
Essay contest: What has changed your life?
Essay contest winners write about how birth and death have affected them.
Would he love me?
Martha, 13, has always wondered who her father was, and if he knows she exists.
Kareem’s perspective
Basketball star and author Kareem Abdul-Jabbar honors the many blacks in history who paved the way for minorities to achieve their goals.
The way we look
What's so bad about looking good? Angela, 16, reports on the upside and origins of fashion trends. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
Restaurant review: uWink
Gaming and food!?!? This new restaurant in Woodland Hills promises fun and great cuisine at the touch of a screen.
Win $100
Take our survey about dating and technology and you could win cash. CLOSED.
Shooting deaths at Virginia Tech
Sadness and Why? After learning that a 23-year-old student shot and killed 32 people and then himself, L.A. Youth teen staff writers offered their thoughts and feelings about what happened.
A reader shares her thoughts about the Virginia Tech shootings
I think it's very tragic that someone wanted to hurt and kill 32 people. He just didn't kill all of them but he hurt their families.
My tunes
Creating mix tapes lets great music speak for Nadine, 17.
Check out some amazing teen artists
High school and middle school students from across the San Fernando Valley showcase their original paintings, sculptures, drawings and other pieces at a special art show featuring teen artists. WITH PHOTO GALLERY OF SELECT ARTISTS' WORK.
The Top 8 shuffle
Nattalie, 16, admits feeling hurt when her friends move her around on their MySpaces.
The big taboo
Why is it so embarrassing to talk about masturbation?
Good nutrition is on the menu
From anorexics to diabetics, patients need dietitians to help them learn to eat right.
Graphic novel review: Preacher
One-eyed hillbillies, aliens, alcoholic preachers, angels and demons. The graphic novel Preacher is like an awesome, crazy, violent Western movie, says Nattalie, 16.
CD Reviews
THREE NEW REVIEWS: Check out the Marie Antoinette soundtrack for a great 80s alt flashback, the techno band Plid and the 70s-rock-influenced, The Colour. Also, our reviewers say: thumbs up for the latest from Christina Aguilera; why Appetite for Destruction is a must-have rock album; and also blast the disappointing pretentiousness of indie rockers Of Montreal.