Photo Illustration by Bradley Marx, 16, and editors Mike Fricano and Libby Hartigan

Blacking Out
When Jenny, 16, gave in to peer pressure and played the ‘choking game,’ she had no idea how dangerous it was.
Jessica, 17, says that some teens have an unjustified fear of seeing a good movie.
Tired of being called a chatterbox, Sue, 17, wanted to prove she didn’t need to talk. It was harder than she thought.
Unenchanted evening
After all Jasmine's planning for prom, everything went wrong from her hideous dress to the limo.
Crash and burn
Kat, 17, tried to get into the whole video game thing, but it didn’t work for her.
Big Hair
Big hair is cool, but it's rare. Here are some Los Angeles area teens who live their locks large.
Out of balance
Nattalie, 15, couldn’t eat, even though she knew she was wasting away.
Music from around the world (part 1)
L.A. Youth writers review their favorite international music from Jamaica, Brazil and Mexico.
Music that inspires us
Last fall, students from Monterey High School in East Los Angeles wrote these essays on the music that most inspires them.