Behind the badge
LAPD officers discuss curfew, what to do when you're stopped by the police, racial profiling and more.

Getting the chance to interview some LAPD officers for L.A. Youth was a completely different experience. This time instead of giving a fake name or wondering what my mom was going to say, I could have a normal conversation with them. The officers revealed the human face of the LAPD. I have more respect for them.
Sea of Life
We got up close to starfish, sea urchins and other sea creatures in the San Pedro tide pools.
A teen with two moms
Katie talks about being raised by lesbian parents.
An inside view of politics
George, 16, got an internship last summer in the office of state Senator Gloria Romero.
College out of state
Ambar loves going to college in Washington, D.C.
My grandparents are my foster family
Jasmon, 17, says it's been hard being raised by her grandparents while still being in foster care.
Reality (?) TV
Larry, 18, thinks that reality TV is crazier than he looks in this picture.
Girl Scout’s honor
Katherine, 16, says Girl Scouts is about friendship and helping others.
Hot and bothered about global warming
Hae Jin, 15, says teens can take action to help stop global warming.