Illustration by Elizabeth Jaramillo, 16, University HS

My horrible fight
I felt I had to stand up to the bully, by Anonymous.
From good girl to wild one
Despite her rebellion, Karina, 15, and her family are now trying to get along.
Behind the gate
A new gate has created controversy at Manual Arts High School.
Josh-aholic: My Idol Obsession
Ashley, 15, met American Idol contestant Josh Gracin—and she has pictures.
My new nose
Jessica, 17, tells what plastic surgery is really like.
New friends in a distant land
When Sara, 17, shared her life story as a Polish Jew, students in Poland accepted her with open arms.
Street performers strut their stuff
Visting Venice Beach or the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, with all the street performers you can see, can turn a bland afternoon into an exciting show.
Reader essays about rape
These readers shared their stories or friends' stories of sexual assaults and attempted rapes. w/ resources and reactions.
Roll over, DJs
The 'alternative gold' on Indie 103.1 has teens tuning in, says Andrea, 16.
Unplugging my computer
Seth, 17, survived a month without the internet.