Conflict in Iraq: Rallying for peace
Brynn, 18, says going to war is wrong because the president has not presented any justifiable reason why war would solve things in Iraq. w/ photo gallery.
Backing up Bush
Valentina, 15, argues in favor of Bush administration policies and as Americans we should respect his decisions and support him.
Debate made my school a more tolerant place
Sarah, 16, felt the heated arguments between liberals and conservatives at Flintridge Prep. resulted in greater acceptance of differences.
In defense of Michael Jackson
Gary says Michael's weird, but he made a huge contribution to entertainment.
Bush attacks, the economy suffers
Seth, 16, feels that Bush's policies will hurt the economy.
How sweet!
Since she didn't have her own admirer, Leiti, 16, spent the day of romance bringing flowers and smiles to others.
Where I’m from
Guianna, 16, says her identity is complicated and she's still trying to figure it out.
In a couple of days, Jenn, 17, went from hating the cold and the bruises to loving her snowboard.
Bush is right on target
Candace, 16, argues in favor of Bush administration policies because he supports lower taxes and a strong military.
Profiles of the key players in the Iraq war
A who's who of U.S. decision-makers and important international figures.
Timeline of events in Iraq
July 16, 1979: Saddam Hussein elected president of the Republic of Iraq. September, 1980: Iraq invaded Iran starting the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988). It is estimated that 400,000 people died. Britain, France and the United States supplied military equipment, including weapons, to Iraqi forces. July 18, 1988: Iran accepted a United Nations-proposed truce with Iraq. May, […]