Illustration by April Hudson, 16, St. Mary's Academy

My weight was eating away at me
Jennifer, 16, has struggled with her weight for several years.
Life in 90210: I’m a regular girl
Tory, 16, wishes people could see past her wealth.
When you live in the Valley, you’ve gotta get creative
Sami, 18, has found there isn't much to do in the San Fernando Valley, so she makes it fun in her own way.
Beautiful boxes
Artists have transformed simple boxes into works of art in the Women Beyond Borders show at the UCLA Fowler Museum. w/ photo gallery.
Anime animates my life
Blood, guts and gore—who could ask for more in a cartoon, asks Francis, 16.
I’m still the same guy
Julian, 19, lost weight, but it didn't change him on the inside.
Pet peeves: What bugs teachers and students the most?
Students want teachers to be respectable authority figures and teachers want an honest effort.
What’s for lunch?
An L.A. Youth survey of 24 local high schools finds an average lunch time of 37 minutes, with Mexican food being the most commonly served.
Volunteering opened my mind
Richard, 18, helps low-income people apply for health insurance.