Photo by Shengul Bajrami, 17, University HS

A day in our lives
Matt and Hassan took photos of their goofy everyday lives in this incredible photo gallery.
It’s cool to be a virgin
It might be hard to admit you're a virgin, but it's something to be proud of says Sami, 17.
My beauty pageant nightmare
When Elizabeth, 17, entered the Junior Miss pageant, she never knew how difficult it would be.
Pushing my limits
Vincent, 18, has the car he always wanted—but it hasn't been a joy ride.
‘Green’ cars: not much power, but a lot less smog
Nogie, 16, evaluates the benefits of environmentally-friendly cars.
The good, the bad and the ugly at a boys school
Richard describes the pros and cons of being at an all boys high school.
A girls school built my confidence
A girls school bolstered my confidence says Liesel, 17.
Should the SAT be dropped?
Alexandra and Haley argue for and against using the SAT in college admission.
Eminem: Hateful or cool dude?
Students opinions and thoughts from a rally against Eminem and other thoughts from students in Torrance.
Speaking out about the Santana High shooting
L.A. Youth staff members give their reactions to the shooting in Santee, Calif.