Illustration by Daniel Lee, 13, Le Lycée Français

He seemed like the perfect boyfriend …
A shocking but true story of dating violence shows the suffering that some teens experience when they get involved in a violent relationship.

"I've never ever seen anybody hit anybody before, like a woman ... he slapped my head really hard that I swear to God I felt my brain tilt to the side? ..."
Book Review: When love is violent, you don’t have to stay
Ambar, 17, highly recommends that teens read this book that chronicles abusive relationships as a way for teens to learn what a healthy relationship is and so that they grasp the reality of domestic violence.
Passionate about reform
Interim Superintendent Ramon Cortines is trying to solve problems at the troubled Los Angeles Unified School District.
Hey, punk!: Think twice before you stereotype a punk rocker.
Find out what the punk scene is all about among teens today.
Visions of Elegance: A young designer realizes her dream to work in fashion
At 25, Sophie La said she feels lucky to be able to create her visions of elegance
Behind bars: Four teens in prison tell their stories
Nicholas, 17, says that interviewing four teens in jail showed him that we must listen to and learn from their stories.
No excuses for teen criminals
We need to be tough to ensure public safety, says Elizabeth, 16.
Prop. 21 – tough on teen crime
It's hard to know if the new law, which will allow more teens to be tried as adults, will help or hurt youth.
Shopping you can afford
For incredible deals, haggling, people-watching and tasty treats from street vendors, Ambar and Shaggy recommend the downtown fashion district and Santee Alley.