Illustration by Amy Fan, 16, Temple City HS

Lessons in dating
Here’s what Kevin, 16, tells his friends when they ask him for advice.

Don’t use cheesy pick-up lines (unless of course, you’re trying to be funny) or write bad poetry. Just relax and be open to trying some new things. So whether you’re a guy who needs a few pointers or a girl who wants to know what a guy is thinking when he’s trying to get to know a girl, here are the three most important pieces of advice that I’ve given to anyone who has asked me for help.
I fell for a bad boy
A girl did things she's not proud of, like ditching class and using drugs.
On the boardwalk
With its artists, street performers and cheap stuff to buy, Stacey, 16, always has fun at Venice Beach.
Rough waters
Sixteen-year-old Amy's one season of water polo was harder than she expected, but she's glad she tried.
Loud and clear
Being part of speech and debate taught Brian, 16, not to be afraid of public speaking.
Height doesn’t matter
Audrey, 17, doesn't care that she's taller than her boyfriend, so she wishes people would stop staring.
We’re not ready to be on our own
Teens in foster care say they need support from the system as they become adults.
Playing a new role
From late-night rehearsals to the thrill of performing, Francesco, 17, loved being in his first musical.
Making money online
Lubina, 17, earned cash to hang out with her friends by selling her clothes on eBay.
Haiti still needs our help
Sixteen-year-old Chantelle's efforts to raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake caught the attention of rock star Tyson Ritter.