Illustration by Nadi Khairi, 15, Reseda HS

I believe again
Esteban, 17, thought religion was pointless until a church retreat reconnected him with his Catholic faith.

They were people of all ethnicities united by this massive organization, the Catholic Church. In several scenes, they seemed carefree and friendly, as they were running, biking and doing other activities. I couldn’t help but have some pride in at one time being a member of such a force. I told myself to stop, to ignore it, to not allow myself to fall prey to what I saw as indoctrination. Still, the pride in their voices seemed genuine.
All the places we go
From Hollywood to Long Beach, 16-year-old Ashley likes exploring the city on the train. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
Family comes first
With a strict dad, Yasamin, 17, doesn’t get to hang out with her friends that much, but she loves her Persian culture.
Making peace with my past
After being abused, 15-year-old Juliana took her anger out on everybody until she got help.
‘I know all the teachers by name’
From small schools to individual attention, teens share what’s helping them stay on the path to graduate.
What’s the correct way to grieve?
Michelle, 17, felt sad when she learned that a student she knew from South Pasadena HS died but wasn’t sure how to grieve for him since they weren’t close.
Teens raise money for Haiti
Ashley, 16, says a swear jar helped her school raise money for earthquake victims in Haiti.
Our actions add up
Eighteen-year-old Brandie's science class showed her that there are easy things we can all do to help the environment.
My favorite style of dance
Caitlin, 17, has spent years learning traditional Native American dance.
Time to be counted
Filling out the census doesn’t take long and helps your community, says 18-year-old Ernesto.
Remembering a classmate
Jennifer, 15, was shocked and sad when a popular senior died after going to a party.
Teens organized a concert to help Haiti
Two teens from the Valley brought four bands together to raise money for earthquake victims in Haiti.