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L.A. Youth celebrates its 20th anniversary
L.A. Youth is proud to have been publishing amazing teen writing during the past two decades. To celebrate our anniversary, we read through our archives going back to the first issue to select stories that represent our best writing, and which still have the power to connect with teens today. You can read three of these stories in our special anniversary section. We’re celebrating our anniversary all year, so look for more “Best Of” stories in every issue of 2008.
Teens share their thoughts about the political primaries
L.A. Youth writers offer their thoughts about voting and who they support in the presidential election.
Proud to be here
As a gay teen, going to a concert celebrating gay pride broke down 18-year-old Paul's stereotypes and opened his eyes to gay people's fight for equal rights.
I’m finally in a loving home
Thanks to his foster parents, 15-year-old Raul feels like part of a family and has a more stable life.
Finding the right words
Four intense weeks at a summer creative writing camp taught Chelsea, 14, that writing is hard work.
Building hope
When Christina, 17, went to New Orleans to repair a home damaged by Hurricane Katrina, she realized that helping others strengthened her faith.
Doing time
Peter, 17, describes his fear and regret as he sits locked up in juvenile hall waiting to be sentenced to state prison. Reprinted from 2002.
Where I’m from
Guianna, 16, says L.A. is the easy answer—but there's more to it than that. Reprinted from 2002.
Reactions to the recent shooting death in Oxnard and others around the country
L.A. Youth teen staff writers share their thoughts about the killing of a teen in Oxnard, who was shot at his school, and also recent shootings at schools across the country.
Giving friendship a chance
The things Charlotte, 16, thought were odd about Darby became why she likes her so much.
I wrote a novel in a month!
It was difficult but fun creating a story about sado-masochistic lesbian angels as part of National Novel Writing Month, says 15-year-old Lia.
Family practice
Lolly, 17, used to think acupuncture and herbal medicines were weird, but she's grown to appreciate her family’s dedication to these ancient treatments.
Healthy and delicious
We challenged L.A. Youth writers to turn a favorite dish into a healthy dish to show that cooking healthy isn’t hard, and tastes good too. If they can do it, so can you.
Making Chile my home
At first it was hard living in a foreign country, but Katrina, 17, grew to love her new friends and culture.
The naked truth
Volleyball, talking about the weather and putting sunscreen in unusual places, Kel, 19, describes his visit to a nudist colony. Reprinted from 1998.
You’re not alone
A look back at the stories L.A. Youth has published about the serious side of teen life.