Sarah Evans, 15, Temple City HS

Who’s reading your MySpace?
When a teacher read her classmates’ MySpaces, it made Selina, 16, wonder: should schools be telling us what to do when we’re online?

Last spring, when my Bible class teacher spent an entire Sunday looking at every student's MySpace that he could find, there was an uproar the following Monday. "Oh that's so gross, he's so nosy. He shouldn't have a right to do that," girls said. ...
A march to remember
Despite the rain, Geraldo, 17, says that being in the Tournament of Roses Parade was amazing. WITH PHOTO GALLERY.
A world apart: I lived on skid row
A teen spent four years on skid row, just blocks away from and in the shadows of high-rise buildings and prosperity.
Tall tale
Please don’t ask Charlotte, 17, how the weather is up there. She's a head taller than her friend.
A music lover’s paradise
Nadine, 15, can spend hours discovering new bands at Amoeba.
Tookie Williams didn’t have to die
The execution of the Crips co-founder and convicted killer who later became a children's book author made Eamon, 18, question our justice system.
MySpace: a place for friends and enemies
When someone pretended to be Lissette on MySpace it caused problems at school and with her friends.
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy
Students at a recent San Fernando Valley Youth Summit, where Los Angeles Unified School District students talked about how to reduce violence on campus, had different views on whether King’s goals have been accomplished.
The un-sweet life: a year without candy
Selina, 16, survived giving up sweets for her New Year's resolution.