Music with a message
Alex, 18, talks about how music made him more socially conscious.

When was the last time you heard music that actually made you think? It's not like you hear it on MTV, where "artists" sing about "getting tipsy," "groupie luv" and "getting low." Music used to be an art form ...
Remembering Dad
Larry, 17, struggled after his father's death.
Caught in the World Wide Web
Andrea, 17, had to take a break from her online obsession.
Such an amazing way to share
Seventeen-year-old Angeline's online journal gives her an outlet for her thoughts.
From cyberspace to face-to-face
Ariel, 15, had fun meeting an online friend in person.
Online all the time
Fabiola, 16, describes why she prefers Xanga to other blogs.
My own sense of style
In this photo essay teens show that they can still look fabulous while ignoring the latest trends.
Believe it or not: I took my dad to a Rancid concert!!!
After a while, Karina's dad actually seemed to like it.
In defense of my magnet
Robyn, 17, says a documentary, which made her magnet program look elitist, got it wrong.
Private school is OK
Marc, 15, was nervous about going to a private school, but guess what? He liked it.
From attitude to gratitude
Three years away from home changed a girl's life.