Here’s the school you’ve seen on the screen
Check out Torrance High, as shown here in a scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Sunnydale High. w/ photo gallery of Torrance HS as seen in the movies and on television.
Be careful out there: STDs are gross!
Lizeth, 15, discusses the consequences of STDs and wonders why more of her classmates didn't take sex-ed seriously.
Why does my textbook tell us sex is dirty and bad?
Robyn, 16, says her health textbook shouldn't take a stand on whether teens should abstain from sex.
I wish I had waited
I had sex before I was ready.
Teens talk about sex
Brynn, Bianca and Chris share their thoughts on sex education.
Guess who’s coming to dinner?
Jon's family discovered they had a long-lost relative, who was a Holocaust survivor, and they spent an amazing week with him this summer.
Can you keep a secret?
My friend was raped; I did my best to help her.
Paris on my own
Guianna, 17, learned about food, art and how to live on her own in a foreign country.
Face to face with death
When 17-year-old Laura's grandfather got sick, she thought a lot about death and learned a lot about life.
Give black colleges a look
These traditionally black colleges in the South opened 17-year-old Lauren's eyes to future possibilities.
A senior at 16
At first it was hard to fit in, but now my friend's the smartest and most mature in our class, says Suzanne, 17.