He seemed like the perfect boyfriend …
With his car and charming ways, Dolores's boyfriend seemed great—but then he started hitting her. Reprinted from 2000.

"Mark" seemed like the perfect guy to bring home to your parents. He had a job and a nice Oldsmobile. For "Dolores," 14, having a 19-year-old boyfriend seemed pretty cool. ...

One day, Mark showed up at Dolores's house, insisting that she had slept with another guy. Mark was furious. He was crying, calling her names, saying, "I gave you my trust—how could you do this to me?" He felt betrayed and cheated on.

What happened next took Dolores by surprise. "I've never ever seen anybody hit anybody before, like a woman
The naked truth
Kel, 19, describes his visit to a nudist colony. Reprinted from 1998.
I guess I could be beautiful
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She’s driving me crazy
How 14-year-old Enoch's sister almost turned him into a monster.
Flowery fun
In photos, Connie, 15, captures the fun of building a Tournament of Roses parade float.
Gay thoughts
Passing sexual thoughts about guys are natural, says Daniel, 17, they doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gay. Reprinted from 1996.
Football: A life lesson
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Job Hunt: Applying for a job turned out to be harder than I thought
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Take me or leave me!
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