Me on TV?
From getting head shots to going to auditions, Hassan, 18, breaks it down on how to get started as an actor.
New leadership, new rules at Locke High
The campus is calmer but will students get a better education?
Doing Time
Peter, 17, who is charged with a felony, will be in jail for at least 12 years.
What happens in the juvenile justice system
It's a complicated system, but this summary will help you understand it.
That’s not funny!
Eze, 17, can't stand it when his classmates joke about the Sept. 11 attacks and their aftermath.
T-shirt patriots
We'll wave flags, but join the Army? No, thanks, says Daniel 18.
New admission policy: How to get into UCLA
New admission director Vu Tran explains how admission officers will consider more than just academics.
Hollywood’s new Club One Seven is just for teens
The new club at the Hollywood Highland mall is for ages 15-20 only.
Hooray for Hollywood!
A photo essay shows the funky side of our most famous neighborhood.
Life after foster care
Taken from her home at the age of 10, a young woman is now helping others.
Mosh pits rock!
Ann, 15, never thought she'd like to go crowd-surfing, but she loved it.
Oh no, not Valentine’s Day again
Candy, a flower—is that so much to ask, Diana, 16, wonders.
School rivalry
An ancient rivalry adds spice to life at South Pasadena and San Marino high schools.
The harsh reality of film school
Expect high tuition, heavy cameras, 12-hour days, and stiff competition—but it's cool to be a filmmaker.