Photo by Managing Editor Libby Hartigan

Homeless for the holidays
M. Gar Caswell, who was homeless for four years, recalls her first Christmas on the streets.

It was about four years ago Christmas day and I awoke out of a deep, dreamless and much needed sleep on Hollywood Boulevard behind the Egyptian Theater. I lay curled up inside my blanket, the only shield that separated me from the dirt and rocks on the ground. ... To me, it was home.
My secret identity (continued)
As Brian, Berley could do almost anything he wanted ...
Fighting for respect
As a Korean-American immigrant, Richard, 16, has faced severe discrimination.

My first month in an American classroom, I was so lost.
Jim Rome, I’m your clone
Why sports radio talk show host Jim Rome of KXTA-AM 1150 is 18-year-old Marcus's idol.
Keeping vigil for homeless youth
A ceremony for youth who died on the streets opened 14-year-old Howard's eyes to their suffering.
Opening my mind to gay youth
After attending a conference for gay youth, Elizabeth realized she could be a good ally for homosexual teens
Paying for college
Four great Web sites can help make your college and financial aid application process a little less stressful.