Illustration by Shengul Bajrami, 15, University HS

Is there justice for juveniles?
Teens should pay for their crimes, but they deserve a second chance, too, says Nicholas, 17. A new proposition would crack down hard on youth.
It’s not easy being gay
Sarah, 17, says it was a shock to learn how gay students face so much harassment.

Some teens, including actor Wilson Cruz, have contemplated suicide because they felt that society didn't want them.
A teen fights to start a gay student club
Sarah, 17, interviewed teen who is suing an Orange County school district after it refused to allow a Gay-Straight Alliance club at El Modena High School.
Interviews with two gay teens and one bisexual teen
These teens reveal that they've experienced some discrimination but also found support. They wish more people were open-minded.
Catching those Zzzzzs
Most teens have a hard time getting enough sleep, writes Alexandria, 16.
The Auto Show
More concept cars made this year's show better than ever, says Nogie, 15.
The man has groove
From Britney Spears to Michael Jackson, top pop acts learn from choreographer Darrin Henson.
Through the eyes of incarcerated teens
Alia, 16, reviews a book of essays and poetry from youth in juvenile hall.
My brother’s death changed our family forever
Sophia, 16, says her family is closer and appreciates each other more since her brother was killed.
Never say goodbye
Moving to L.A. did not mean Nell, 15, had to lose my best friend.
Come and get your Smackdown!!
Once you've seen the outrageous moves and hard the incredible rants on the World Wrestling Federation, you'll be hooked, says Dennis, 17.
Music for the eyes
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has a cool exhibit where you can actually play with the art pieces, says Ashley, 17.
Why L.A. Youth reviews R-rated films
Letter to the editor and editor's reply. w/ teens' opinions on R-rated movies.