A magical martial art
Berley, 19, loves 'capoeira,' a Brazilian martial art. w/ photo gallery.

For a long time I thought about taking martial arts. I figured it would give me something to talk about, but my dad wasn't too crazy about the idea. He told me: "You'll get hurt. It'll interfere with your school work."
Can I run 26 miles?
Stacey, 18, never thought she could run the 26.2 miles of the L.A. Marathon.
Catching air
Noel photographed several skateboarders at Venice Beach. w/ photo gallery.
‘I will try everything’
Despite her disability, Nastja is an all-aound athelete.
Acupuncture helps with sports injuries
A veteran of sprained ankles, Sage, 16, swears by acupuncture for sports injuries.
Girls struggle on the football team
Monica, 15, was surprised to learn that two of her girlfriends were on the Van Nuys HS football team.
Crazy tales of a sports fanatic
Joo, 14, describes his passion for sports.
The thrill of cross-country
Sarah, 15, loves cross-country.
Street basketball
Gary, 15, learned street basketball and that's the way he likes it.
The key to the skies
Valentina, 14, loved learning to pilot a plane.