Getting real about graduating
These former dropouts talk about their second chance at a diploma.

A new program called the Diploma Project is trying to reduce dropout rates at Los Angeles Unified School District schools. We talked to students from Fremont and Gardena, two high schools that are part of the Diploma Project, about why they dropped out and what helped them return. They were all thankful for the Diploma Project for helping them get back on track to graduate.
The recession hits home
It was scary when Jennifer's mom lost her job and she saw her having trouble paying her bills.
Teen jobs: How we’ve made money
From dog-walking to baby-sitting to doing henna tattoos, these teens found ways to earn cash without a regular job.
Creating my own comics
Making comics started as a way to fight boredom in math class, but it’s become something Austin loves.
New year, new me?
Every year 17-year-old Merryck makes a resolution even though she's always failed.
School cuts survey results
More than 1,850 students told us how budget cuts have hurt their schools.
Front-row seats
It was tiring but fun for Edda, 17, and her friends to camp out for the Rose Parade.
Stressing for success
Getting sick all the time made Julia realize she couldn’t work so hard.
I’m better off without my dad
After years of hoping her dad would be more caring, a girl finally has a father figure who is.
Give P.E. a chance
Sarah, 14, says it's not a waste of time if you try to get a good workout.